#2 - Tom Baker

Here is one of those tests to see how old you are: if I were to ask you to imagine the Doctor, my guess would be that roughly 100% of you born before the 90's will picture Tom Baker, and for damn good reason. Simply put, Tom Baker was, and to an extent, still is, the Doctor.

Goofy, gangly and decked out in a floppy hat and an exceptionally long scarf, Baker's doctor was silly, quirky, mad, loony, and daft, all while being serious, brilliant, morose and somber. His Doctor was an enigma, impossible to predict, impossible to define and impossible to emulate. For an amazing seven seasons Baker portrayed the time traveler, and brought a level of popularity to the show that was unprecedented (of course fantastic writing helped with that, including a few episodes penned by "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" creator, the late, Douglas Adams)

We witnessed the birth of the Daleks, the...many deaths of the Master, a talking metal dog, and one of the first non-irritating companions in Doctor Who canon, Sarah Jane Smith, and Baker made us care about all of them, and more, with just an earnest smile and a flick of a scarf.

Elizabeth Salden was so not irritating that she and K-9 had their own spin off show a few years back, which would still be going if not for her untimely passing in 2011.

Of all the original doctors, Tom Baker was the only one to truly make the character feel like an organic being, and not just someone playing on a stage. It might help that, as far as I can see, he wasn't really acting when he was donning the scarf, as Baker seems to be just as silly as his doctor. One of the more...interesting stories in Doctor Who lore involves a radio DJ prank calling Baker with an impersonator doing his voice. The Fake-Baker claimed that he was the Doctor. Without missing a beat, and with total sincerity, Real-Baker responded "There must be some sort of mistake, you see, I'M the Doctor, not you".

Indeed you are, and there will be no one who makes a floppy hat seem as cool as you Tom Baker. No one.

Serious non-ironic props to tardisgirlfrance on this video, amazing work!

#1 - David Tennant

Well, anyone who has seen any of the new Doctor Who series knew this was going to be the top Doctor. David Tennant is, was, and quite possibly will forever be the most famous, and most well loved Doctor.

Also, quite by far, the most dreamiest (swoon)

I mean...um...not dreamy. (cough)...sooo, sports. QUIT LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!

Tennant's Doctor was a shorgusboard of all the best parts of all the previous Doctors in the series (which made sense, as he was a huge fan of the series as a child). He was smart, funny, serious, dark, witty, alien, human and more, and made it look easy. In fact, sitting here, it is kind of hard to explain just why Tennant makes such a great Doctor. Perhaps it was his mannerisms, his enunciation of words, his wardrobe, or just his general likeability.

As much as I would love to write a long article about how wonderful Tennant is, but I really don't have many words for him, I will simply point out one fact: Tennant is the only Doctor in the run of the show to have a box set of all his episodes, sold as a box set of all his episodes.

Find this. Watch this. Do it.

I'm not going to put a whole episode of 10's up, because by all rights you should just go ahead and watch them all, but here is one of his best scenes in my opinion.

So there we go, all 11 Doctors in one easy 12 part list. And just in time for the 50th Anniversary of the show this year. To get y'all a little stocked for it, I found this brilliant video someone posted whilst looking for totally unrelated things (seriously, I think I was looking for the trailer to "John Dies At the End", or cellphone video's of ghosts on the Youtube. So sit back, enjoy, and let 50 years of scifi wash over your vision holes.

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