Well it took a few days, but I think I can finally say that Penn and I are settled into our new place. Small pieces had been filtering in day by day; learning which bus took me to work, finding the garbage shoot, finding the local markets,but the last piece finally came today. The HDMI cable to hook my PC up to it's new home. So far I am loving the new local. For those of you who didn't know, for the last 6 or so months I have been living in downtown Chicago, right next to Michigan Ave, in the swankiest part of the city. Now before you get to thinking that I had it made, this place was far from a de-lux apartment in the sky and more of the...well I guess it ws the fish frying in the kitchen part of the song. Barely any hot water, no privacy, and two, TWO restaurant ventalation systems right outside the window, which would actually shake objects close to the wall.

The new place is up near Boystown, on a quiet, tree lined street. I saw a bunny today, and stars when I look up at night. I have my big TV back, and my sound system. Penn and I have a bed. The only loud thing right now are the neighbors and their...activities at night. But love is a healthy thing, and one cannot begrudge them that.

Oh, and I am a five minute walk to a comic store, a book store and a hat store (apparently those are things), and a 10 minute walk to a record store. Booyah.

Anyway, that is why I hadn't written in a while, been rather preoccupied with all of this. Back to enjoying life now. Think I will watch some X-Files or Fist of the North Star on Hulu, because I can.

carla kepler
11/09/2012 3:11pm

Love you guys!! It is an awesome apartment!


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