Wait a minute....what the hell is he swinging on?!

After being thoroughly disappointed in the new reboot of Spider-man, I thought to myself, "Frank, maybe you were too hard on the little guy, maybe what I need is a good reflection, a chance to compair the movie of today with a movie of yesteryear. That is just what this situation calls for Carl".

Imagine my outright joy to have Spider-man 1977 fall head-on into my lap. This was a 2 part pilot filmed by CBS and originally titled "Spider-man- The Chinese Web",  despite not containing any Chinese people, and three Japanese men, because, you know, racism.


I know what you are waiting for, oh fearless reader, and that is for me to suddenly throw down that this movie was wonderful and so much better than the currently playing Spider-man film. And you will be waiting a long, long time. This was a horrible film, but, to be fair it was a 2 part CBS pilot repackaged as a full film. That said, I actually enjoyed this movie more than SM2012, simply because it was campy, colorful and stupid beyond most measure.

I guess the story goes that CBS started making the Spider-Man TV show after this, and it was quite popular, even though it was a terrible show and contained no actual super-villains for the Webhead to fight. CBS cancelled it after a while, however, due a schedule over-saturated with far more superior super-hero shows (The Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman, 60 Minutes).

I wont bother to go into the plot, or the details, because really they are forgettable and stupid, but I will ask one question: Why does no Spider Man movie show Peter Parker making his costume? Each one has him starting to look at fabric, maybe drawing it out, and then BOOM professionally made costume. Web shooters, no problem, there they are, fully developed and ready to go. Ah well, that just bugged me I guess.

Spider-Man (1977) - Rating D (but a solid B for effort)

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