I have started to watch Birdemic 2: The Resurection, and made it all of 10 minutes before I realized that I might be witnessing the worst thing I have ever seen with my own eyes. This is coming from a guy who has watched Troll 2, Manos: The Hands of Fate, The Room, and Ed TV. This is amazingly, fantasticly bad. So bad that I don't think a normal review will do, as if I miss even part of this film, the whole thing loses it's power exponetially.

With that in mind, I am tempted to try something new. I am thinking of recording a running commentary to the movie with my buddy TJ, just something that you could play durring the movie on your iPod or Walkman, or what have you that would discuss aspects of the film, and hopefully keep you from wanting to eat your own eyes while you watch it. This would, I think, be in conjunction with another
4/29/2013 10:08:48 am

sounds like a movie we need to watch!!


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